My Best Girl & Her Necklace

This is “my best girl”.  My baby.  Victoria.  Today she and her big sister are going to look for her first apartment!  Her sister has traveled the world and had many apartments.  Actually Victoria lived part time with my niece last year traveling back and forth the 50 miles to college and back.  This year she will be close to school while her sister, Anna, travels 45 miles to teach school.  Anna normally teaches calculus but this year is challenged to bring middle school kids who have no basic math skills–even simple addition– up to WA State standards.  Go Anna!

Victoria's next step: College!

Victoria wanted me to re-create a necklace that she saw in a dress shop.  I made her the one on top.       She was really pleased–she’s my gracious one–and the only one of my children who calls me mama.   See why she’s my “best girl”?  Anyway, she hung it on her rear view mirror and her friend, Miki,

was crazy about  it.   So Miki sent some beads home with her and the only ribbon I had available was sheer silver.   You guessed it.  My daughter may be gracious, but she’s still eighteen and she wants one in the same colors as Miki.  Miki had said to keep the left over beads and I have plenty left over along with more ribbon sooooo…….I suppose, since she’s my baby, and my best girl, while I’m sitting on the sofa, doing nothing anyway, I could make her another one.  Maybe she’ll give me her first one.  Isn’t that what mom’s always get, their children’s castoffs.  We give the best to them and take what’s left.  That’s why were Mom’s and hopefully we’re are teaching them to be selfless as well.

I actually believe that is why I am not a grandma yet.    I say that my children are, “Me, me, me, me, me. Oh, and what do I want.”  LOL  Actually, they are very generous with their Dad and I and each other, but a family of their own, not so much.

Tomorrow, another day, another craft.  Or another crisis, it’s always hard to tell.


About bestfriendsarebest

I'm a fifty year old mother of three adult children with a recent empty nest. I've been married one time for 34 years, so far. I've done a bit of traveling, had a few accomplishments and still have a few dreams lefts. All of this and more you will learn about me as we travel along.
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One Response to My Best Girl & Her Necklace

  1. she is so pretty…….and that necklace…..oh my gosh, I love it! I am so glad you have a blog now!

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